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Band Pop Rock Funk Jazz Aix En Provence Mariage Cocktail

When it comes to celebrating a wedding, music is one of the most important elements to ensure that guests have a good time and remember the day forever. Hiring a group of musicians to entertain your wedding cocktail and evening can make all the difference. If you are looking for a band that plays jazz, pop, funk, and rock for your wedding, then look no further!

Our group of experienced musicians is used to playing for events such as weddings and cocktails. We can play a jazz atmosphere for the wedding cocktail with smooth and elegant jazz. Our varied repertoire includes classic jazz pieces as well as modern versions of French songs. We can play in the background while guests greet and introduce themselves, or to accompany the more solemn moments of the ceremony.

But our strength also lies in our ability to get people dancing. After dinner, we move on to pop, funk, and rock pieces, which are the most danceable genres for a wedding. We are here so that everyone can let loose on the dance floor and enjoy the evening. We are happy to take into account the tastes of each couple and customize our playlist to meet their preferences.Our group of musicians is composed of professionals who have extensive stage experience. We adapt to all types of events, from small gatherings to large weddings. We have played in many different venues, such as reception halls, gardens, restaurants, and clubs. We have also worked with many couples to create customized events that reflect their personality and style.

If you are looking to organize an unforgettable wedding party, contact us now to discuss your musical needs.

Jazz Band Gypsy for weddings and cocktail Party

Aix en Provence

Bastide of Puget

Gypsy Jazz Band Aix en Provence Wedding Cocktail

Are you planning to organize a successful party for a wedding, a birthday or a cocktail party? the unique sound and driving rhythm of gypsy jazz bands can add ambience to your event! The musical style is a mix of jazz, swing and gypsy music. It is music that can make you dance and is very pleasant to listen to, unique and entertaining music very well suited to a wedding or a cocktail party.

We are today at the Bastide de Puget in Aix en Provence, our gypsy jazz band for weddings and cocktails is comfortably installed in the shade. The weather is fantastic and the temperature ideal. It is an 18th century Provençal bastide located more exactly in Meyreuil, very close to Aix en Provence. It belonged to Victor D’hupay who was a writer and philosopher

Gypsy Jazz Band For Wedding And Cocktail


Hippodrome de Marseille

Gypsy Jazz Band Wedding Cocktail Marseille Hippodrome

Our gypsy jazz group for weddings is today at the Hippodrome de Marseille for the animation of a cocktail. Hippodrome de Marseille is an emblematic place in the city. The choice to host a wedding is a wise one. The building is elegant and has a large open space, ideal for cocktail parties, weddings and other such events. Guests also enjoyed the picturesque setting of the racecourse, with its view of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Our gypsy jazz group gave a great atmosphere to this evening. Gypsy jazz, also known as French jazz, is a musical style popular in Europe that has been influenced by Gypsy music and traditional jazz. The warm tones of the guitar, combined with the depth of the double bass, created a vibrant and friendly atmosphere for the evening.

The atmosphere was festive, relaxed and the guests were delighted to dance and hum the songs while enjoying cocktails and delicious dishes. The music of the gypsy group brought a touch of sophistication to the event, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the evening without stress.

A gypsy jazz band for your wedding often gives a special atmosphere