Jazz Manouche

Manouche, Gypsy And Tzigane Jazz Band

Wedding, Birthday, Private Party, Events

Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Lubéron, Aix en Provence, Marseille

Jazz Band Manouche-Tzigane- Weeding Cocktail-Marseille-Aix en provence- Luberon-Cannes-Nice-Monaco

gypsy jazz Band (Manouche Jazz Band) brings an original and festive touch to any event such as a wedding, a cocktail party or all event . The musicians of the jazz band are experienced and talented artists, able to create a warm and lively atmosphere for any event. A gypsy jazz Band (French Jazz Band) is made up of a set of traditional instruments, such as guitar, violin, double bass, clarinet and accordion. We are also lucky to have a traditional gypsy singer among us.

jazz band offers a suitable repertoire for your private party, weddings, cocktails, all your events in general. It’s a perfect jazz band for Marseille, Aix en Provence, Avignon, Luberon, Cannes, Nice, Monaco.


Gypsy jazz band is ideal for weddings as it brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wedding ceremony or cocktail party. Guests can relax and enjoy the music while admiring the talents of the musicians. Gypsy jazz tunes are also perfect for cocktail party and all events, as they create a festive and relaxing atmosphere that suits all guests.

In summary, a gypsy jazz band is an excellent choice for any event that requires a touch of sophistication, entertainment and exoticism. The talented and experienced musicians of the group will create a unique and lively musical atmosphere for the guests, who are sure to be entertained and relaxed throughout the evening.

Gypsy jazz is a style of jazz born in France in the 1930s. In its original form, it is characterized by the absence of percussion, brass and woodwind, a rhythm section provided by two guitars and a double bass, as well as a ‘a violin. Gypsy jazz bears witness to the stylistic contributions of gypsy and Central European music (klezmer) as well as the musette and French song in jazz.