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New Orleans Jazz Mariage

This orchestra has chosen to illustrate with energy the traditional parades repertoire Second Line features the spirit of this city, the birthplace of jazz New Orleans

In New Orleans, music is everywhere and for all kinds of occasions: of course, its famous carnival, but also picnics, parties, store openings, anniversaries, weddings …

The repertoire for dancing and party evokes this atmosphere, this special exuberance that exists in Congo Square and the French Quarter around Bourbon Street. It consists of spirituals, traditional songs, “funky” marches and themes with a Caribbean accent. Starting point for musical development, the simple melodies are passed “through the mill” of collective improvisation, a spontaneous sort of counterpoint performed by instruments, characteristic for the style of New Orleans.

Always attentive to share their passion with everyone, this group will lead you to music in this vitaminized and festive reading of historical pieces, unique to enchant all audiences, even those who do not like jazz!

Battle hymn of republic

Bill Bayley

Just a closer wolk

Second line


based in Aix en Provence and Marseille , we move easily in Bouches Du Rhone, but also Cannes, Nice, Mónaco, Avignon, PACA, Vaucluse, Luberon.